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Casa de Candybar!
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Welcome to Casa de Candybar
Casa de Candybar is where all competing models for Candybar's Next Top Model will be staying (and hopefully, causing some drama). The actual competition is at candybarmodels

If you're copeting to be Candybar's Next Top Model, you'd be home by now!

House Rules
1. No real drama! (Fake drama, though? Totally welcome.)
2. If you're responding to a post, please do it as a comment to the said post. This just helps to keep things organized.
3. Background on your doll is very encouraged! As are confessional posts. Let's keep this place nice and active.
4. If you plan on leaving the competition for a short time (or permanently) we'd appreciate if you made up a reason for why your doll is leaving, too (she got sick, had some family emergency, etc.). This just helps to keep the roleplaying moving along.
5. Have fun!

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